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Road Atlanta
Feb. 17, 2022

Full Day of Open Lapping 

Solo & W2W Drivers

Sweet Cars and Awesome People 

Race Car Helmets



Weather & Event Insurance Included

It's February. We've been at Road Atlanta this time of year before and it's a 50/50 wild card when it comes to weather.

If it's snowing, raining or too cold to hit the track, we'll notify registrants 24 hours in advance and refunds will be issued.  Easy peasy, register & rest easy. 


We're planning on 62 and sunny in the meantime :)  

Qualified Drivers Only

This is an open lapping practice day. 

No one is winning a prize. 

No one is signing a big fat contract. 

If you're a jerk on track or in the paddock,

you'll be asked to leave. 

Everyone attending is a friend (or friend-of-friend) and I truly enjoy hosting these days so that we can all have ample track time and a fun day together. 

Don't be "that" person, thanks!